• How long does my order take to ship?
A classic order is prepared and delivered to the Post Office between 1 and 9 working days after purchase.

Postal shipping times are as follows:
1 and 4 working days for green letters
2 working days for packages
If your order is shipped internationally, these times are longer.
  • How are orders shipped?
Orders are wrapped in tissue paper and sent in a cardboard envelope, or triangular cardboard tube, with a tracking number. All envelopes and packages are delivered by post.

In the event that an order is packaged with plastic, this has been recovered to avoid waste.
  • My order arrived damaged or did not arrive. What to do ?
If your order encounters a problem, send me an email directly to this address troty.contact@gmail.com with as much information as possible (order number, explanation of the problem, photo, etc.).
If you made an error when ordering (Example: wrong address), send me an email as quickly as possible.
  • Can I get a refund for an order?
Yes, if you contact me within 2 hours of your order. Fees may be levied by the payment software.